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Badat Optometrist is an independent, client-based practice situated in Heidelberg, Gauteng. We strive to add a touch of passion and trend to the lifestyles of each person that enters our doors.

Our mission is to provide excellent quality eye wear and outstanding services, hoping to satisfy all eye care needs.

The remarkable growth of our practice throughout the years is largely credited to the loyal support of our clients to whom we express the utmost gratitude.

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In depth information on how to care for your eyes, common eye conditions, diseases of the eye and much, much more...

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General Eye Exam

General Eye Exam

A complete eye examination involves a series of tests designed to evaluate your vision and check for eye diseases.

Contact Lens Fitting

Contact Lens Fitting

This includes procedures to allow your optometrist to thoroughly investigate the health of your eyes and the quality of your vision.

Diagnosis of Eye Diseases

Diagnosis of Eye Diseases

Many eye diseases have no early symptoms. They may be painless, and you may see no change in your vision until the disease has become quite advanced.